Survival Tips for S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits

For starters, huge fan. Obv. :)

Secondly, in regards to Tip 406 - I actually have a snippet of a fanfic devoted to JUST that. Check it:

Keep up the AMAZING work! :)

Passing along more fic for everyone’s enjoyment.


Hiya! I’m writing a series of ficlets inspired by these tips. It can be found at the AO3 or (first one in the series) I hope it pleases you and that it is all okay :)

Always pleased. And always happy to pass them on!

SHIELD Sports: The Shield Nerf League….

In conjunction with's fanfics based on your Hawkeye duct/nerf gun tips, I have made a SHIELD nerf league badge-posted here - working on getting it made into an actual patch.

Always love the creativity of our followers. this is where I will be uploading my series of one-shots based off of these tips. I’ve got 1-4 finished so far so please check them out. Thank you~

Yet more fanfic for everyone! Yaaaay!

Here’s another fic :) Based on Tip #360

Fabulous! Always nice to see these popping up! :)

I may have fic’d again… here’s a link. :)

Yet another amusing fic based on the tips.  Always fun!

Ok, I just marathoned all your posts. They’re fantastic! This was the result.

Absolutely wonderful! And further proof that paying attention to the tips can come in handy!

Hey, so I wrote a (kinda dark, oops) fic based on tips 72 and 118 and I figured you might want to see it since it’s based on your blog. It’s here: (Don’t click through if you can’t read about suicide, though.)

Mod note: Another fic based on the tips for anyone who likes to read them! Do keep in mind the author’s warnings, though. It’s pretty dark, but well-done.

Would you mind if I use some of your survival tips as prompts for some fanfiction?

Not at all!

If anyone decides to, and sends a link this way, we’d also be more than happy to pass it along.

Can you give us links to Fics based on the Tips?

There are two that we remember offhand that we can find.

NERF Sniper, by gateship


Out of the Handbook by wanderseeing, using some of her own submissions!

If anyone knows of any others, please let us know.  If we get enough, we may make a masterpost.