Survival Tips for S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits
If you have a chance, may I suggest adding a "Random" button? I understand if you're too busy for that, though.

Actually, there’s one there already!  It’s right underneath the follow button on the blog’s right hand sidebar, along with the RSS feed and such.

New recruit Morales here, sir/ma'am. I've read the entire of the survival tips and I must ask - why is Mr Stark still permitted on base?

Mr. Stark is a case of benefits slightly outweighing the risks.

Also, someone needs to keep an eye on him.

I would love to see the Hulk do the cinnamon challenge :D

I'm so happy I found this blog! It's really awesome!

Pleased to be of service.

Why do I suddenly feel the need to break all of these rules? Or at least most of them.

This HAS got to be THE best blog I've had the privilege of stalking in a while. Well done good sir/ma'am!

More than happy to be of service! :)

You could always just get loki to turn someone (Tony) in to a kitten.

Are we allowed to have a special room on the carrier simply for a kitten or two in case Dr. Banne has an episode? Otherwise where are we going to get a kitten, thousands of feet in the air, on such short notice.

Keep in mind that not all of the tips presented here are necessarily followed in all cases.  In case of emergency, it is entirely possible that a cat will be able to be located on the Helicarrier.

Disappointed at the lack of a Snape reference in Tip #394. D:

Did you specifically choose to put the "nice round numbers" tip on #400, like your tip #300?